Angel's Friends: The Movie Sunny College (2011) Hindi Dubbed Download HD

Angel's Friends: The Movie Sunny College Download

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Name : Angel's Friends: The Movie Sunny College

Category : Animation, Adventure

Release Year : 2011

Duration : 1h 18min

Quality : WEB-DL (480p, 720p HD)

Language : Hindi | English

Size : 400MB

Synopsis : The Movie focuses on the Angels attending the Summer School at the Sunny College in Alpinville, where Raf hopes she will not meet Sulfus. The Devils show up at the school and Raf tells Sulfus she has fallen in love with someone else. Meanwhile, the Earthly ones receive the task of refurbishing the Theatre of Princes and organising a play, Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare. However, they are attacked by a mysterious hooded man who wants them to leave the theatre. The Angels and the Devils decide to investigate and find out the truth about Tyco and Sai's fate. At last, Raf and Sulfus conclude that they have decide what to do about their future together once returned to the Golden School for the new term.


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