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Fatak Patak Sheru Ban Gaya Champion Full Movie In Hindi
Fatak Patak Sheru Ban Gaya Champion

Movie Info -

Name : Fatak Patak Sheru Ban Gaya Champion

Category : Animation, Action, Children

Release Year : 2020

Duration : 55min

Quality : 480p | 720p HD

Language : Hindi

Size : TBA

Synopsis : One fine unremarkable day, hundreds of spaceships landed on earth across all continents and countries, spilling thousands of tiny aliens of different intergalactic species all over the land. These alienoids came in different shapes and sizes and most have very cute and playful personalities, but each of them also has special abilities and moves. Over the many years that they have been on planet earth, these alienoids have become part of life…they are kept as pets, as companions and many of them roam freely in the wild.Fast forward to the present and many people, especially kids have adopted these alienoids. Since these colorful critters have special moves and abilities that mimic wrestling manoeuvres, a sports league was started called the Alienoid Wrestling League. Now the Alienoids and their handlers compete in the Alienoid Wrestling League to determine who will become the Alienoid World Wrestling Champion.


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