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The Amazing Spiez

Series Name : The Amazing Spiez

Category : Animation, Action

Duration : 22mins

Release Year : 2016 (India)

Quality : High 

Summary : Four elite school students Tony, Lee, Marc and Megan juggle between their routine school life and their intense spy missions; secretly assigned to them by the World Organization of Human Protection.

Season 01 

Episode 01 - "Operation Fun and Games"
When a few disappearances occur, the Spiez investigate. While spying in the room of one of the "victims", Tony finds adventure cards that are supposedly a special edition. The cards turn out to be clues. While walking on the street, a truck almost hits Tony, but he throws it to the other side of the road and figures out that he has super strength. When the other three Spiez are on the mission, they find out that whoever touches the cards gets the power of the character in it. In the B-story Tony wants to be stronger and taller.

Episode 04 - "Operation Wheels of Thunder"
Megan is teased by her brothers because she is a poor skateboarder. Then they are called for a mission to investigate strange occurrences in Dubai, involving buildings and other structures breaking down. Later, Megan goes missing after getting her new skateboard that she will use to show her brothers that she can skate. Lee, Marc and Tony find her with an army of skateboarders responsible for breaking down the buildings so they can create skateparks for themselves.

Episode 05 - "Operation Brat Pack"
The Spiez are sent to protect a famous TV spy actor from various incidents. To keep an eye on him, the Spiez are invited to be in his Spy show, with the guidance of their parents who think they won a contest. The actor is kidnapped and the Spiez rescue him.

Episode 10 - "Operation Dare Devil" 
Someone has been breaking in and destroying labs of a company called Techammer. The Spiez investigate and discover that a human projectile man who loves to do stunts is destroying the Techammer labs, because the company used him and his stunts in videogames without giving him credit.

Episode 21 - "Operation Desert Rescue"
The Spiez's mom is kidnapped by the Chameleon Leon. He turns her into a chameleon so they can work together in destroying spy organizations. Marc has to overcome his fear of heights because a spy has to be able to work at all elevations. The four Spiez must stop their mom and the Chameleon Leon before they destroy the WOOHP.

Season 02 

Episode 04 - "Operation Snowy Falcon!"
Weather patterns begin to go haywire and cause snow all over the world. The Spiez investigate and travel to a tropical island where they meet with Stony Falcon, who has changed from skateboarding to snowboarding. His new dream is to snowboard across the entire world, permanently changing the world's weather patterns to do so.

Episode 06 - "Operation Yeti Bear"
 The famous hairdresser, Tress Locksley has been repeatedly attacked. All clues led to Kat seeking revenge on her hair dresser for turning her into a hairy monster. Marc also turns into a hairy yeti during the investigation. It's up to the Spiez to stop this fight between Tress and Kat.

Episode 12 - "Operation Astronuts"
The Spiez are trapped in cages by a missing Austrian astronaut who crashed landed in the desert and believes that the Spiez are aliens and he is on a desert planet. Lee, Megan and Tony cause a distraction so Marc can escape and contact Jerry. The Spiez finish up and run home before their mom finds out.

Episode 17 - "Operation Funny Bone" 
Megan wants to impress the basketball team captain by performing in a talent show.

Episode 18 - "Operation Sudstatic"

Episode 19 - "Operation Scary Jerry - Part I"

Episode 22 - "Operation No Pal in Principal"
A mysterious object lands in the desert. At the school, a zombie invasion is occurring.

Episode 23 - "Operation Noel's Last Stand"

the amazing spiez all episodes in hindi

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