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Beyblade Metal Fury All Hindi Episodes
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OverviewBeyblade: Metal Fury, also known in Japan as Metal Fight Beyblade 4D , is the third season of Metal saga. Taking a break from their latest tough triumph over Faust and the Spiral Core, Gingka and his friends find themselves saving a boy named Yuki from a mysterious youth named Johannes. Although Yuki is a boy genius and an astronomer, he is a Blader who owns “Anubius”. Yuki says that he has come to tell Gingka and his friends about the voice of the Star Fragment, and that it must not fall into the hands of evil. He witnessed the Star Fragment fall from the sky one day. That single light dwells within Anubius and he says that he heard the voice of the Star Fragment that evening. A great evil is trying to revive the “Black Sun” and "Nemesis", the Greek goddess of Revenge, by using the unknown power of the Star Fragment and destroy the world. They must find the 10 legendary bladers in order to prevent "Nemesis" from reviving. Now there on a journey to find the 10 legendary bladers. Gingka defeated the God Of Destruction with his new special move Super Cosmic Nova.


Episode 01 Star Fragment 
Episode 02 Legendary Bladers
Episode 03
Episode 04 – L Drago Destructor 
Episode 05 – Awaken Anubis 
Episode 06 – Requirements of a Warrior 
Episode 07 – Kentas Determination 
Episode 08 – The Crimson Flash 
Episode 09 – The Greatest Tag Team Tournament 
Episode 10 A New Roar 
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14 The New Team Dungeon 
Episode 15 Destroyer Dome 
Episode 16 The New Striker is Complete 
Episode 17 I Am the Champion 
Episode 18 The Maze of Mist Mountain
Episode 19 The Lions Pride 
Episode 20 The Guardian of the Temple Dynamis
Episode 21 The Legend of Nemesis Revival –
Episode 22 The Four Season Bladers 
Episode 23 The Battle of Beyster Island 
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26 Orions Whereabouts 
Episode 27 The Lion in the Wilderness 
Episode 28 The God of Venus Quetzalcoatl 
Episode 29 The God of Destructions Revival 
Episode 30 The Child of Nemesis 
Episode 31 Four Hearts 
Episode 32 Come Together Legendary Bladers
Episode 33 Diablo Nemesis 
Episode 34 The Final Battle Ground 
Episode 35 The Lost Kingdom 
Episode 36 The Missing Star of the Four Seasons 
Episode 37 Flash Sagittario 
Episode 38 Hades Persistence 
Episode 39 A Ray of Hope (Season Finale)


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